So much more than just trees…


Welcome to the home of all things forest ecology, from the diverse canopies of tropical and temperate rainforests, to the sprawling underground networks of essential, but often forgotten fungi. Here we hope to bring you some of what we consider to be the best and most fascinating science associated with forested ecosystems globally. We will be doing our best to synthesise and communicate this information in a way that doesn’t keep all the goodies locked away behind an impenetrable fortress of unfamiliar and overly technical wording.

There is a growing recognition across all disciplines of a need to communicate science and research more effectively to a wide range of audiences. To make sure the content you read here is both interesting and accessible we implement a peer-review process that brings together both specialists and general enthusiasts. Once drafted, articles are passed to a panel of non-specialists for review. Any comments are then reviewed and implemented by the original author to increase its accessibility following which the article is then published on this website. In the interests of transparency, both the author and the reviewer will be detailed alongside the article and both our authors and reviewers have a short bio detailing their background and research interests, enabling you to see who’s been involved along the way. Ultimately we hope this is a recipe for a positive, collaborative approach between scientists and non-specialists that ensures our content is accessible to as many people as possible.


A research journey...

This research blog is where I’ll be documenting my own research in easy to read, accessible articles, along with some of the trials, tribulations, successes and failures. Part of the joy of a PhD is knowing that in one way or another, you will contribute something novel to science, pushing our knowledge and understanding in a positive direction, little by little, experiment by experiment. Every failure is its own form of success, but fingers crossed I find something interesting to share none the less! Check here for the latest and (hopefully) greatest.


Engaing & clearly explained...

To bring you some of the most exciting research from across the forest science, we have a guest research blog with a twist. We have active researchers collaborate with non-experts to make sure the science in our guest research blogs are interesting, digestible and accessible!


The nitty gritty...

To find out about the research I’ve been actively involved in, check out my publications page. I’ve produced digestible summaries of all the peer reviewed publications I’ve either led or contributed to, along with engaging graphics and animated videos to help communicate the science to a range of audiences, in addition to links to the publications and any media coverage!


The forest for the trees...

Ever wondered how trees grow, how they respond to extreme climate events, or how we measure the impact of such events? This section uses animated videos to explain some of the basics of how we use tree-rings to answer some of these questions and use this information to make our forests more resilience to global climate change.



Pretty picture of forest things...

I’m biased, but forest ecosystems have to be some of the most photogenic places on earth. Here is a collection of some of the beautiful forests and forest organisms I’ve either been too on my travels or had the pleasure of doing some science in, enjoy!